AceOn to play leading role in pioneering home energy scheme

Pioneering energy storage experts AceOn – approved as a sector supplier by the National Housing Federation just this month – is to play a leading role in a £1million project with a local housing association to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty which could prove to be a blueprint for renewable energy schemes right across the country.

AceOn Group will work in partnership with The Wrekin Housing Group and BEW Electrical Wholesalers on a scheme backed by Government money to install green energy systems into nearly 70 existing homes and a further 11 new builds. 

The Wrekin Housing Group was awarded the money as part of the Getting Building Fund. It means that 68 homes can be retrofitted with battery storage and solar panels and 11 brand new energy-efficient homes can be constructed. 

AceOn Energy managing director Richard Partington said the company was the full energy storage provider for the showcase scheme, supplying solar panels, inverters and batteries to allow the homes to capture solar energy and then store it in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way for later use. 

“This is a key project for us to be involved in and underlines the cutting edge work we are doing to deliver new energy storage systems. We are developing a truly-innovative Virtual Power Plant which provides an energy storage system which can be both retro-fitted to existing homes and installed in new developments.

“It has huge potential to help housing associations meet new climate change and carbon emission targets, reduce their tenants’ electricity bills and provide a new income stream for these organisations to support their investment in Renewables.

“It is very exciting and we are delighted to be working with our partners on such a pioneering and important scheme which will showcase these technologies to a national audience.

“I know that there are those who say that housing associations should ‘forget payback’ on zero carbon spend and that may well be true on some aspects of the work needed to bring homes up to the new standards, but we believe that our VPP model can deliver a significant financial return and I hope more housing associations will come on board because the way the model works, the more homes that join the network across the country, the better the returns will be.”

David Wells, executive director of operations for The Wrekin Housing Group, said: “It’s great to be working on this exciting project with AceOn and BEW. The project will make a difference to the lives of our customers while also boosting the low carbon economy.

“The whole world faces a big carbon reduction challenge and we believe a good place for that to start is at home, so we are excited to get started on this project, prove our concept and then continue to invest across our remaining housing stock. We want to help more and more customers out of fuel poverty.”

The overall project will deliver 87 jobs in the next year, a 1,678,750kWh reduction in energy consumption off the grid and a 720 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide over a ten-year period. It will deliver reduced energy bills for customers, ease fuel poverty, and reduce the strain on local power networks and other energy infrastructure.

For more information about the AceOn group visit or call Richard Partington on 01952 293388