Developers know that a thorough site investigation is crucial early on to avoid surprises later, but this can be a lengthy and complex process. RenKap reduces your management time from over six weeks to under an hour.

RenKap has built the first development management platform of its kind to save NHF members time and money. Their product replaces the traditional site investigation process with a quicker and more efficient method of identifying risks on any given site. Developers can now commission, instruct and manage all the separate site investigation surveys in hours instead of weeks.

This easy-to-use platform will help you make fast decisions on which sites to buy or build on and complete the crucial stage of site investigation quickly and to a very high standard.

How can RenKap help housing associations?

RenKap has already helped housing associations to reduce their admin associated with site investigation by over 90% saving over £5,000 per project.

Watch the demomonstration of how RenKap’s platform works:


Contact details

To find out more about how RenKap can support your organisation, book a personal demo today, visit their website, or contact Gonzalo Marquesini via email or by calling 07988 719155.