AceOn is a pioneering energy storage and battery company which is passionate about helping housing associations and the country meet net zero carbon ambitions and targets.


AceOn has launched an exclusive partnership to offer a win-win-win-win green deal for social housing providers.

AceOn – which is based in Telford but works across the UK - has teamed up with OFGEM-regulated energy supplier Rebel Energy to deliver its ground-breaking ‘Renewergy’ income-generating model for social and affordable housing providers across the country.

AceOn says that its unique model uses renewable energy - ‘Renewergy’ – as a positive way to:

  • Reduce a tenant’s bill now and into the future – helping to tackle fuel poverty, helping to protect and insulate from the full extent of future rises in energy prices and enabling a household to pay their rent and other essential living costs more easily.
  • Provide a revenue income stream for social housing providers – assisting the investment in renewable energy and other housing measures and turning capital into revenue to fund other services.
  • Help to tackle climate change – helping to decarbonise housing stock and reduce the carbon footprint of each home.
  • Better support the local community.

AceOn Energy managing director Richard Partington — a former managing director and head of paid service at Telford & Wrekin Council and the person who oversaw the development of only the second local authority commercial solar farm in England — says the partnership offers a unique green deal developed for social housing providers.

"This deal brings together AceOn Energy’s solar generation and energy storage system, which uses solar panels to capture energy and UK-designed battery technology to intelligently store it for use when the tenant needs it, with Rebel Energy’s billing service and smart meters.

It provides people who are living in or on the cusp of fuel poverty with the means to generate and store their own clean electricity for years to come, which is great news for tenants. But it also has lots of benefits for housing association and local authority landlords, who can take another step towards meeting their carbon reduction targets and earn money from the renewable energy generated too. Our model also helps to keep a lot more money in the local community and economy.”

Richard said Rebel Energy was the perfect partner for the scheme because it is the only clean energy company with a social mission to tackle fuel poverty.

Contact details

To find out more about how AceOn can help you, please contact Richard Partington.

Tel: 01952 293388