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Supported housing

Everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. Supported and older person’s housing exists to make sure everyone in our communities can live their best life, whatever their circumstances, ideally within their own home.

Supported housing provides invaluable housing and support for disabled people, homeless people, people with mental health problems, people who have experienced domestic abuse and many others. Supported housing helps ease the pressure on the NHS and care services, and saves the public purse around £940 per resident per year.

Housing for older people includes a range of different housing options to best suit the needs of individuals and families. As our society ages, we must build more dedicated housing for older people. Current estimates suggest that due to an aging population, 38 000 new homes for older people are required each year to meet demand.

Supported and older person’s housing services range widely, but they all play a crucial role in providing a safe and secure home for people to live independently. 

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This includes:

  • Providing the housing and support older people need to maintain their independence.
  • Providing emergency refuge and support for victims of domestic abuse, helping to stabilise their family life and engage with other services.
  • Working with homeless people, some with complex and multiple needs, to secure longer-term accommodation or a permanent home, education, training or employment.
  • Supporting people with mental health needs when it is needed, to stabilise, recover and live more independently.
  • Supporting veterans to find a stable home, including support for those with mental health and physical disability needs.
  • Supporting people with learning disabilities in the longer term to maximise their independence and exercise choice and control over their lives.

How much supported housing will we need by 2040?

New research commissioned by the NHF and completed by Altair Ltd., shows that we’re not on track to provide a supported home to everyone who needs one by 2040.  

What is the impact of supported housing?

The NHF in partnership with Imogen Blood & Associates and the University of York has published research into the supported housing sector’s impact on homelessness prevention, health and wellbeing.

Starts at Home Day

On Starts at Home Day we'll be celebrating the value of care and support services and the difference that having a safe and secure place to call home can make to people’s lives.

Case studies

We have pulled together some great supported housing case studies from around the sector to highlight success stories from our members.                                                                                                                                            

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Alistair Smyth, Director of Policy and Research