Meeting the need for supported housing

17 April 2024

During this webinar presents new research into why meeting the need for supported housing is an important goal to commit to in this election year, as well as how to secure commitment to that goal. 

As we approach the next general election, the National Housing Federation is calling on the party or parties that form the next government to put in place a long-term plan for housing. Such a plan must make sure there is sufficient supported housing available to meet the needs of the population. 

We know there is not enough supported housing to meet demand and this is likely to get worse without decisive action. Supported housing is necessary for many people’s health and wellbeing, and an essential part of a long-term plan for housing.  

The NHF commissioned Altair Ltd to carry out new research into the need for supported housing. This includes how much supported housing is needed both for older people and working-age people, and an assessment of costs, both in terms of capital investment for construction, and in terms of likely annualised support costs (without which supported housing cannot function).  


  • Alistair Smyth, Director of Policy and Research, NHF
  • Bekah Ryder, Research & Insights Manager, Altair
  • Jim Aspdin, Director of Housing & Business Services, Southdown
  • Adé Bákàrè, Public Affairs Officer, NHF

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