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Making an Impact – a summary of our work in 2023

Welcome to our annual round up of what has been another eventful year for the NHF and the housing association sector. 

We look back on 2023 and celebrate some of the highlights and success stories achieved through effective lobbying, campaigning, consulting, and partnership working. 

It’s easy to forget all the fantastic work we do together to ensure housing associations can deliver at a local and national level, providing homes and essential services for millions of households across England.  

This is a timely reminder that progress is being made, and that we’re ambitious to do even more.

Thank you to our members for working with us to implement positive change over the last year. We look forward to another successful year, working alongside you to make our sector the very best it can be. 

Please read or download our report below.

What’s included in NHF membership?

As member of the NHF, anyone from your organisation can benefit from our services and get involved in our work. Find out more about our member benefits below – you can also read more about the impact of our work.

To check whether your organisation is already a NHF member, search this list. To join our membership, visit our application page.

On top of the services listed below, every member has a named contact at the NHF who knows and understands your business, discusses priorities and challenges in your area, and helps you get the most out of your NHF membership. We’ve also developed a series of tailored member offers to support smaller members, board members and rural members.

Opportunities to shape national policy

The NHF has a proven track record for being at the forefront of any changes to the housing landscape and successfully influencing policy. We actively seek member views in order to inform our work, and regularly request feedback through consultations and surveys. Members can stay up to date with the latest policy developments by subscribing to NHF News, which highlights the consultations we’re currently working on and how to sign up to our consultation events.

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A national voice responding to critical issues

When changes are announced we work quickly to digest the impact on housing associations and communicate these to our members. If necessary, we influence for change through our extensive political engagement. Members can follow our responses to urgent issues and get in touch with our Press team with any questions.  

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The latest housing news

Members can subscribe to a range of newsletters and email updates on topics ranging from building safety to housing finance. We also publish member-only briefings that digest complex topics into need-to-know information, and members get exclusive discounts on our specialist books.

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Campaigns that build an understanding of – and support for – housing associations

Members can get involved to help raise the sector’s profile – we run high-profile campaigns on key issues for the sector, and contribute to national and local media stories. We anticipate and shape the media landscape to ensure housing associations are understood and not misrepresented. There are different ways to get involved, from sharing messages on social media to providing case studies for our media stories.

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Supporting housing associations to collaborate

We enable collaboration and share insight across the social housing sector by defining and promoting the common values and vision of the sector, supporting our members to work together and take collective action. We also develop and share expert insight and analysis from across our membership.

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Exclusive events to connect with peers and key stakeholders

We run a programme of events which are free for members, which includes our regional leaders forums, national networks on specialist topics, and webinars on a wide range of themes. Members also get exclusive discounts to our sector-leading conferences, packed with influential speakers and politicians, and access to speaking opportunities that can build your organisation’s profile.

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Detailed insight and tools

Available exclusively for members, we publish high-quality research and data tools. These include a tool to assess the economic impact of your organisation, a database which allows you to build a picture of the housing crisis in your area, and comprehensive research reports on the top housing issues.

Use our local economic impact calculator

Access our equality, diversity and inclusion tool

Get the latest housing data in your area

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A platform for your organisation

We showcase our members’ work, sharing best practice and stories from housing associations. Members get access to a range of opportunities including speaking at our events, chairing our advisory boards and attending our political roundtables. In addition, we regularly feature our members’ case studies in our national media stories, through our social media channels, and on our popular blog.

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Specially negotiated services that save you money

We work with our Preferred Suppliers to secure deals on products and services that benefit our members and their residents – from providing affordable and flexible contents insurance, to drone services that can provide support on asset management, building safety, development and regeneration. We also provide our smaller members with access to free specialist advice and support on governance, HR, health and safety, and legal issues.

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HR, legal, and health and safety support for smaller housing associations

Extra governance support for smaller housing associations

Director’s and officer’s insurance tailored for housing associations

Are you a commercial organisation?

If you’re not a housing association, but looking to connect with the sector, find out more about becoming one of our partners.

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To find out more about how you can make the most of your NHF membership, get in touch with our Member Relations team.

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