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Together with Tenants

Together with Tenants is a sector-wide initiative aiming to strengthen the relationship between residents and social landlords.

Together with Tenants reflects the great work housing associations are doing to build positive relationships with their residents. It was launched in 2019 to help challenge our sector to be ambitious and take a lead in accountability for their residents.

The charter is a clear set of commitments social landlords can make to their residents, enabling residents to hold landlords accountable on the issues that matter to them. Together with Tenants now has 225 adopters with over 2.4 million homes, equating to almost 88% of homes NHF members own.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Together with Tenants adopter, find out more about how you can sign up, or read our case studies to explore how other housing associations are meeting the commitments.

The Together with Tenants Charter

In April 2024, we launched an updated version of the Charter, with an added commitment focusing on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), in line with recommendation 5 of the BSHR. This has been developed in close collaboration with the Tenant Advisory Panel, Together with Tenant adopters, the NHF’s EDI National Group and the Centre of Governance and Scrutiny. 

The Together with Tenants Plan 

We have been working with residents, an independent Tenant Advisory Panel, a Member Steering Group and our members to understand what change is needed. Through this, we developed a Together with Tenants Plan, which includes the charter. 

Best practice case studies

We're collecting case studies in our library to help support our members with best practice meeting the Together with Tenants commitments. It includes examples of the different ways adopters have improved resident engagement and relationships. 

Relationships and communication

Catch up on our previous webinars on Together with Tenants, where we’ve explored topics including communication, voice and accountability.   

The Better Social Housing Review

As a sector, we are taking action and learning from each other to address issues of quality and resident experience in social housing. Together with Tenants aligns with this work, providing a framework for housing associations to make positive change for residents. 

In 2022, we commissioned an independent panel called the Better Social Housing Review to develop actionable recommendations for social housing providers. In response to the BSHR recommendations, we developed an action plan with CIH, outlining what we’ll do alongside housing associations to deliver positive change.