Supported and older people’s housing development survey

22 December 2021


In autumn 2021 the National Housing Federation surveyed members to explore plans and appetite for developing more supported and older people’s housing and to better understand the barriers to development in this sector.  

The Health and Social Care White Paper recognises the need to increase supply and choice of housing options for people with support needs. Homes England have a target for supported and older people’s housing to make up 10% of homes delivered through the Affordable Homes Programme. The results of our survey show plans to build older people’s housing but a more limited intention to expand the supply of supported housing.

Key findings

  • Development plans for older people’s housing represent 11% of respondents’ existing stock.
  • Development plans for working age people with support needs represent only 4% of the respondents’ existing stock (note lower response rate from supported housing providers).
  • Planned schemes for older people are much larger than existing schemes and schemes for working age adults at almost 60 units per scheme.

The survey identified a number of barriers to developing more supported housing and homes for older people. The three most significant barriers are:

  • Low capital grant rates per unit.
  • Planning and access to land.
  • Long-term revenue support funding.

Respondents demonstrated a clear ambition to develop more supported and older people’s housing. On average respondents would increase their development plans by 58% if these barriers were addressed.