Mosscare St Vincent's

During the pandemic, Mosscare St Vincent’s (MSV) took over an extra care scheme called Elmswood Park. The team knew the handover needed to be delivered sensitively for both the local authority and the needs of the local community.

How did they do it?

As the scheme sits in a diverse neighborhood of Manchester, MSV wanted to make sure the scheme reflected the needs of the local people. They employed a manager a year prior to the handover to forge links with the local community, to discuss how the community could be a part of the development.

The team also made sure that residents reflected the local community, and 47% of new customers who moved into scheme were from a Black or minority ethnic background. They then worked with residents during the move in made sure residents needs were met, including fitting curtains, organising carpets and the delivery of white goods, and supporting them with setting up with a local GP.

MSV also worked with Manchester City Council’s rightsizing project to free up family sized properties in the local area from older people moving into the Elmswood Park scheme. As a result, 13 family homes were freed up across the city, creating positive change in the local area.

What barriers did MSV face?

Local plans

Local plans pose challenges for housing associations looking to develop new housing schemes. At least three of the Greater Manchester local authorities have well thought out 10-year plans, underpinned by research from Housing LIN. The plans confirm the numbers of homes needed each year, showing a clear and well-thought-out strategy to guide developing housing associations.

It would be ideal for all local authorities to have a clear approach and strategies that meet the demand and supply for older people. A joined-up approach for local authorities to share best practice across geographical boundaries would help housing associations deliver much needed specialist housing for older people.

Land availability

The handover of land from local authorities to housing associations increases affordable homes for residents. However, the process is sometimes difficult and lengthy. MSV found that a streamlined process for local authorities would help local authorities get the best consideration for their land, and help housing associations deliver specialist housing.

Who to speak to

Ewan Fulford, Policy Assistant