Building homes for an aging population

08 September 2022

Current estimates suggest that due to an aging population, 38 000 new homes for older people are required each year to meet demand. The Older Person’s Housing Group are a cross-organisational group from social housing providers across the country that are dedicated to working together to break down barriers and build these much needed homes. Over the past year members of the group have spoken in parliament to help influence the scope of the government’s planned Task Force for Older Persons. The group remain hopeful that this task force will come to fruition. 

Older Person’s Housing Group’s key asks

1. There should be a national strategy on housing provision for older people.

2. As part of the strategy, the government should consider introducing a national target for older people’s housing.

3. There needs to be sufficient grant rates to support land and build costs and consideration for ring-fenced funding for older people’s housing.

4. Funding needs to be flexible and have long-term assurances for revenue as well as capital funding.

5. Clear guidance should be published on how housing for older people is considered when calculating the objective assessment of need.

The Older Person’s Housing Group have created a resource that explores the barriers and opportunities for building more homes and barriers the sector are currently facing.

Who to speak to

Victoria Shannon, External Affairs Manager