Living Well partnership helping people to live independently

A partnership between a housing association and healthcare providers in Sheffield is allowing people with complex histories and multiple evictions to maintain their own tenancies.

Living Well is a partnership between South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) and Sheffield Health Trust (SHT) which works to bring people back from mental health placements to live independently.

The service is founded on the principle that for someone to be well, physically, and mentally, they need to have quality housing, access to both community-based support and the crucial support network that family, friends and carers offer.

We work with 30 to 40 people across the city at any one time: a SHT Community Enhanced Rehab team provide the mental health support, while SYHA provide a home and housing related support.

The customer sets the pace with overnight stays before moving in to a property. It can be an intense and sometimes frightening experience for those who have been in hospital for a long time. This is a home for life so it’s important to get it right.

When people no longer need the specialist support, the properties move to general needs tenancies. They also keep their home if they need to move back to hospital.

A partnership with mutual trust and respect

  • There is absolute consistency in the compassionate and respectful way all team members speak about the service users.
  • There is a strong sense of ambition for people using the services.

Interventions go beyond the medical – we aim to create rich lives with access to nature, the arts, family and connection with friends.

  • There is a clear focus on the physical as much as mental health.

The positive impact on Living Well customers of moving back into the city and out of a locked ward environment into their own home are significant. These include:

  • Reconnection with their friends and family.
  • Living in an area where they have connections.
  • Engagement with their local communities.
  • Purposeful activity.
  • Continuity of care.
  • Freedom and independence.

The service also frees up bed spaces and creates significant cost savings while meeting local need.

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Who to speak to

Ewan Fulford