Housing Bonds Alliance (HBA)

Housing Bonds Alliance (HBA) is an intermediary and advisory, acting between the social housing sector and surety bond industry in the UK.

HBA exists to provide real bond solutions to the social housing sector and its supply chain partners. The HBA vision is to work with over 1,500 housing associations throughout the United Kingdom before 2030.

HBA offers financial protection to housing associations, employer agents and principal contractors. Together, those who HBA work with are responsible for the building of nearly a third of all new homes in the UK. As the UK’s leading housing association bond authority, HBA’s Housing Bond Officers consult with stakeholders to ensure a continuous and robust solution is provided.

Housing associations

Housing Bonds Alliance collaborates with social housing providers to continuously monitor project performance, ensuring that the necessary surety coverage is continuously maintained. In the unfortunate event of non-performance or insolvency, they safeguard housing associations and the public purse.

The value of a bond may depreciate during the execution of a project. Housing Bonds Alliance represents housing associations by consistently reviewing the surety bond coverage on all projects, therefore safeguarding the projects financial stability in the case of unexpected adversity.

HBA maintains consistent and transparent communication with all stakeholders throughout a project’s lifespan, ensuring sufficient and frequent updates are provided and helping to ensure the commercial position of their client.

Contractors and house builders

At Housing Bonds Alliance, the focus lies in expertly procuring and advising on performance bonds for the social housing sector.

HBA clients benefit from extensive access to all surety bond markets, including all A-Rated Insurers used by international brokers in the UK and globally. Leveraging their technical acumen and expert guidance, HBA has formed exclusive underwriting partnerships, allowing them to offer unrivalled and innovative bond solutions/proposals to contractors and housebuilders.

HBA provides contractors and housebuilders with cost effective performance bond solutions with a number of value-added benefits.

Employer agents

It is now necessary within a JCT contract for an employer to indicate whether they require a performance bond or not. It’s also more important than ever that employer agents can advise and work with housing associations to ensure they are sufficiently protected.

HBA is very aware that there is an increasing number of contractors stating difficulty in securing performance bonds. Their 100% track record, however, allows them to offer solutions for contractors, regardless of their financial strength or trading history.

HBA supports all registered employer agents with compiling/registering bond claims and calculating bond fees on behalf of your clients.

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  • Guaranteed terms provided on all social housing projects.
  • Discounted bond fee’s when NHF members are the employer.
  • Bonds procured via SPVs, regardless of financial strength.
  • Minimal cash collateral.
  • Guidance and assistance throughout the life span of the bond.
  • Bond protection advice.
  • Legal and technical advice line.
  • Legal engrossment service.
  • Local authority and housing association liaison/advice.
  • Contractor loyalty rebate scheme for contractors.

HBa is the only bond advisory that operate a contractor loyalty rebate scheme entitling clients to additional revenue on the placement of multiple bonds via THousing Bonds Alliance.

Housing Bond Officers

Our Housing Bond Officers get to know your project pipeline, ensuring that HBA takes necessary measures to guarantee sufficient financial protection on all schemes.

Despite meticulous efforts, projects often deviate from their original schedules. HBA Housing Bond Officers collaborate closely with housing associations to monitor project performance, ensuring the ongoing safeguarding of their interests and maintaining their protected position.

It is HBA’s company policy for all Housing Bond Officers to undertake regular meetings. This allows them to provide continuous advice and to also report back and advise underwriters on progress/risk exposure.

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