Mobysoft provides time-and-cost saving solutions with RentSense, which creates a tangible return on investment and efficiencies for the social housing sector.

In 2011 one of our existing customers approached us to help them develop a software application that would help take a more commercial approach to their income collection. They explained that our texting tool helped and seemed to target the right tenants, but could we create an accurate caseload for officers?

RentSense conception

Being a technology company, we jumped at this challenge. Working in the sector we knew landlords were using their Housing Management Systems, which are typically based on SQL logic, to produce an officer’s caseload.

Fast forward to today and RentSense is the social housing sector’s go to solution for creating tangible efficiencies, protecting revenue streams, increasing collection rates and reducing arrears. It is also helping many to mitigate welfare reform and Universal Credit.

What is RentSense?

RentSense is a series of complex algorithms that analyse a housing organisation’s tenants’ transactional history, which is coupled with a predictive analytical application that then predicts which tenants will and won’t pay their rent. It then produces a list of tenants, in priority order, that need contacting that week regarding their rent.

In turn this means the officers’ caseloads are greatly reduced, reductions of over 50% are common-place, and officers are then able to complete their caseload each week. What’s more, officers are contacting the right tenants at the right time, helping to drive down arrears. 

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