SHIFT Environment

Providing environmental reporting services, specialising in consultancy for housing associations.

SHIFT Environment provides environmental reporting services, specialising in consultancy for social landlords. They transform primary data about existing homes, new builds and operations into an excellent environmental report covering all environmental issues. SHIFT also benchmarks your performance against science-based environmental targets and your peers.

The data, KPIs and science-based environmental targets are used to develop deliverable strategies that improve the local environment for residents and staff. This is also ideal for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting as well as compliance reporting (such as SECR and ESOS).


SHIFT Environment offers a range of services for social landlords including:

  • Full SHIFT Standard – Complete baseline and monitoring covering CO2, water, climate resilience, supply chain impacts, waste, and biodiversity. Directorates covered are asset management, new build and operations.
  • Consultancy – Strategy development, bespoke environmental reporting, ESG, SECR, ESOS.
  • EPC analysis – Develop costed strategies for achieving net zero.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation – Checking that new build or refurbishment hit the environmental targets that were intended.

Benefits to social landlords:

  • Develop effective environmental improvement strategies.
  • Improve the environment for residents and staff.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Provide environmental metrics to ESG investors.

SHIFT Environment offers excellent value for money and provides a bespoke business case for social landlords. 

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