Xledger is a global leading cloud finance solution provider. Working with over 10,000 organisations in over 60 countries, Xledger equips finance teams to help transform their business now and into the future. 

In the UK, 65% of Xledger’s customers operate within the not for profit sector and the Xledger system particularly appeals to housing associations. Customers include Impakt Housing and Support, North Wales Housing, Worthing Homes, Rooftop Housing Group and Cairn Housing Association. 


Xledger offers a pre-demo consultancy service from its team of accountancy-trained experts. 

Through its powerful software and consultancy approach, Xledger provides housing associations with real-time data and insights so they can make critical decisions to help unlock their business potential.

Xledger software gives housing associations greater reporting capabilities and control over their finances through real-time data and automation.

As a highly configurable system, Xledger’s functionalities expand to meet multiple business requirements, such as:

  • Long-term budgeting
  • In-system financial controls and approvals
  • User-defined dashboards
  • Comprehensive reporting tools.

Its unique hierarchy-based design and dimensional set-up allow for granular real-time consolidated reporting across entities and multiple dimensions, which can be tailored to different user groups and stakeholders. The hierarchy structure in Xledger also enables scaling organisations to seamlessly onboard new entities.  

The evolution of integration technology means that housing associations don't have to compromise on the systems they use. Xledger finance software offers integration capabilities with other vital software, including housing management systems, providing finance teams with the business data and insights they need.

Xledger’s accountancy-trained consultants offer a truly unique level of support throughout implementation and beyond. 

Free consultancy session

Free session with your Xledger accountancy-trained consultant. This session is designed to capture and prioritise the underlying objectives of the project across various stakeholders and map processes.

The benefits of this session include objective rationalisation, alignment, realisation, buy-in and prioritisation, which are crucial for ensuring the project delivers on its objectives on time and in budget.

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