For over a decade, ZapCarbon has worked with public and private sector organisations, collaborating for systemic change to benefit the planet and society.

Having established strong partnerships with multiple housing associations, their aim is to better living conditions for thousands of residents.

Through its HealthyHomes programme, ZapCarbon focuses on stopping damp and mould in tenanted housing.


The HealthyHomes programme from ZapCarbon provide comprehensive property health solutions.

They have a strong team of expert assessors who have two primary functions: to carry out thorough home assessments, and to engage with the residents themselves, helping them to take practical action.

Their suit of services includes:

  • Structural and mechanical assessments, which  outline any aspects or issues that may need further investigation or action.
  • Surface cleaning and mould prevention treatments.
  • Smart sensor technology to monitor humidity, temperature, and air quality in the home, with real-time data monitoring and alerts.
  • Educating residents is a significant component of our review. HealthyHomes provides each resident with practical mould prevention advice to help them maintain a healthy living environment.


'The assessor who visited our property was diligent and had a great attitude. He inspected every aspect of our home, including the heater and all around the house, externally and internally. He also brought in a colleague to remove the mould. We were very impressed with the whole service.'

'The contractors gave us a thorough breakdown of the causes of mould in various parts of the house. It felt like they were on our side, working to help us solve the problems. That counts for so much.'

'Lovely people who did a fantastic job cleaning the mould and treating the surfaces in our home has made such a big difference. We feel like we can breathe now.'

Contact detail

Contact details

Dale Holroyd, Commercial Director


Tel: 0845 052 3682

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