FPAG’s regional forums – get involved today

The Financial Policy Advisory Group (FPAG) are aiming to improve connectivity within the sector. Nathan Mallows and Phil Elvy of FPAG explain why regional forums are the perfect opportunity to network, problem-solve and share learning around the issues collectively facing housing associations.

Improving the connectivity between and within regional forums and specialist groups is high on the Finance Policy Advisory Group’s agenda. Although no two roles or organisations are identical, many of the challenges currently facing finance directors are shared and so great value lies in wider connection at this moment. The regional forums provide an opportunity for exactly that.

What are the regional forums?

The regional forums are a space for finance directors to come together to network and share learning. They are run and chaired by willing volunteers and there are currently forums running on the following rough geographical lines: North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, Midlands, East, South West, London and South East. A big thank you to the volunteers who are already facilitating meetings and sharing questions and information within their forums.

The forums provide a great place to get to know other housing professionals and share issues you may be facing under Chatham House Rules. More often than not, contributors find that there are others facing similar challenges and so there is plenty of scope for sharing what has, a perhaps more helpfully what has not, worked for others in comparable situations. We hope they will help you problem solve and work toward our shared aims of delivering much needed homes and services to customers.

FPAG uses the regional forums to inform issues for discussion and as part of setting the NHF’s policy agenda in terms of finance issues. We meet regularly with the Bank of England and the Regulator of Social Housing, and local regulatory contacts often attend the regional forums. This high level of engagement ensures that active members of the forums are kept up to date with any changes, announcements and have a real voice in shaping wider policy.

Like any networking you get out as much as you put in so we want to encourage you to get involved with your regional forum today.

To find out more, get in touch with your local forum using the contact details below:

North West – Catherine Phillips, Wythenshaw Community Housing Group

North East – Janette Longstaff, Bernicia Group 

South West – Nick Jackson, Plymouth Community Homes

London and South East – Corinna Bishop, RHP 

East – David Armstrong, Flagship Group

Midlands – Simon Hatchman, PA Housing

Yorkshire and the Humber – Adam Hutchinson, Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association 

Who to speak to

Adam Gravely, Finance Policy Officer