These are extraordinary times for everyone – but, together, we will pull through

Diana Warwick, 27 March 2020

We are all being tested in new and challenging ways. I said in our (virtual) board meeting this week, I know I’ll look back and see that housing associations played a vital part in helping us pull through this national crisis. 

From helping people living in your homes, to delivering urgent repairs and services despite the new challenges these may entail, I know you’re working tirelessly to support your residents and staff.

And as the world around is transformed, I’ve seen how you are quickly adapting and working in new ways – putting residents’ health and wellbeing first, and making sure people feel safe.

I’ve heard about housing associations that called older residents ahead of the lockdown to offer support with shopping and prescriptions, and staff that are busy collecting donations for local foodbanks. I’ve heard about the increase in wellbeing checks by video calls, and the vital work being done to protect those at risk of domestic abuse. And I know this great work will continue.

At the NHF, we are determined to do whatever we can to support you, and have developed a new programme of work on coronavirus that is our upmost priority.  

This work is guided by three clear aims:

  1. Connecting our sector and sharing experiences – we will share crucial information and offer a range of resources to help you connect with each other and us, from forums and webinars, to blogs and guidance.
  2. Speaking out for you and your residents – we are working hard to understand the challenges you’re facing, and will lead sector responses where needed.
  3. Engaging with national stakeholders – we are in regular contact with key government officials, ministers, and sector partners, including the Housing Minister and the Prime Minister’s Housing Special Adviser.

More than ever, it is important that our work is guided by your feedback and the issues you and your residents are facing. So please keep in touch and contact our team with any ideas or questions you might have. 

These are hard times, but I have never been more certain of our sector’s social purpose, and our determination to ensure a home for everyone.

No matter what comes next, I know our social purpose will drive us to do the right thing.