Helping the sector to speak with one voice on shared ownership

John Neugebauer, 17 January 2020

As the Federation’s exciting shared ownership campaign goes public this month, at RHP we’ve started to use the campaign’s eye-catching creative assets to help the sector build a powerful new brand and message.

At RHP we’re excited to support the National Housing Federation’s shared ownership campaign. It’s always great when we can unify as a sector with a collective voice and this is exactly what the campaign represents.

Historically we know that varying definitions of what shared ownership is and actually means, has caused confusion for potential customers. By uniting in this way, it means that we’ll be able to engage with more people and ultimately help them get a home of their own in a timelier fashion.

The visuals and language used in the campaign are bold and fresh, and will help us as a sector to engage with our target market in a way that hasn’t been seen before. The fact that the language used in the campaign has been influenced by the public, following campaign research carried out by the Federation, means the message has that Midas touch and reflects the thoughts and needs of prospective shared ownership customers.

The campaign assets have been very easy for us to use so far and we appreciate the fact that the main asset is a trustmark rather than a logo. From a practical standpoint it’s great that it doesn’t clash with our logo, as well as complementing our own #ConnectWithHome campaign (which spans all of our tenures).

We used the trustmark for the first time in a Metro advert recently. Not only did our in-house design team find it easy to use and integrate, but it was also reassuring to know that if the reader was finding out about shared ownership for the first time, they had an impartial place to go to find out more from a trusted voice.

To mark the launch, we’re using the trustmark in our ‘New year, new view’ videos. The beauty of the shared ownership campaign is that it’s been equipped to work cross-channel, from using the poster boards as part of housing associations’ own hoardings through to co-branding their latest Instagram posts.

RHP new year new view

As my marketing and communication colleagues out there will know, on average we’re exposed to up to 5,000 brand messages a day. Therefore, the more we join forces, the more likely we are to cut through the noise.

The most powerful part of the campaign to me, however, is that the more it’s used by organisations across the sector, the more we’ll be able to create a consistent narrative around shared ownership – debunking common myths and helping more people discover the joy of having your own place to call ‘home’.