Updated coronavirus guidance for landlords and tenants: possession action process

08 April 2021

Yesterday, the government published updated coronavirus guidance for landlords and tenants, including updated guidance on the possession action process and details of the new Housing Possession Mediation Service

The guidance for landlords on understanding the possession action process includes a new section on outstanding possession warrants. It sets out the actions that a landlord should take if they wish to proceed to enforcement and have a possession warrant which has either expired or is approaching its expiry date. The current deadline for reactivating claims made before Monday 3 August 2020 is 4pm on Friday 30 April 2021. If a reactivation notice is not sent to the court and the other party before this time, the claim will be automatically stayed. 

The government’s Housing Possession Mediation Service was launched in February to support landlords and tenants undergoing possession proceedings. The new guidance provides more details about how the service operates and what it can offer both parties. 

We are currently analysing all the updated guidance in detail, and we will provide further information on content and any relevant changes early next week. 

Who to speak to

Kate Warburton, External Affairs Manager (West Midlands)