Short survey about your decarbonisation strategy

20 July 2022

Affordable housing aggregator the Housing Finance Corporation (THFC) is gathering data on the decarbonisation plans and costs for housing associations, as part of their lobbying for a government-backed guarantee scheme. Please help them by completing a short survey.

THFC has been exploring the effect that guaranteed debt could have on decarbonisation costs within the social housing sector. In December 2021 THFC published a report on retrofit funding which showed the potential benefits of guaranteed debt on meeting the challenge.

To aid their lobbying efforts, THFC asking NHF members to complete a short survey on your decarbonisation strategies. This should take no more than five minutes to complete and should not require gathering data from elsewhere in your organisation. A strong set of returns will help THFC make the case for guaranteed debt for retrofit as part of a stimulus for housing associations across the country.

Who to speak to

Kevin Garvey, Head of Member Relations