Energy Prices Bill to help households and businesses with energy costs this winter

13 October 2022

The government has introduced the Energy Prices Bill in parliament, which puts into law the previously announced support (including the Energy Bill Relief Scheme and Energy Price Guarantee) to help households and businesses with energy costs this winter.

The Bill includes a number of measures for households without a domestic electricity contract, including those on heat networks, who are therefore excluded from the Energy Bills Support Scheme and Energy Price Guarantee.

This includes:

  • The Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Fund to deliver the £400 energy bills rebate to these customers via local authorities.
  • A £100 additional payment for domestic heat network customers.
  • Legislation that will require landlords and heat network operators to pass benefits on to tenants via the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which will run for an initial period of six months. However, the government is developing a mechanism to ensure these customers continue to receive support over the same period of time that other domestic customers will be supported for.

We will continue to engage with the government to ensure that these mechanisms work for housing associations and their residents who do not have a direct relationship with their energy supplier. 

Make sure residents know what help they’re entitled to with energy bills

The first £400 instalment of the Energy Bill Support Scheme should have been received on 1 October to help with rising energy bills but reports suggest that alarming numbers of people have not claimed their vouchers, particularly people on prepayment meters.

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