Summary of the Future Buildings Standard consultation

27 January 2021

On 19 January, as part of the process of developing the Future Buildings Standard, MHCLG launched a consultation on changes to the Building Regulations, specifically affecting Part F (ventilation) and Part L (conservation of fuel and power). The consultation period will run until 13 April 2021.

This new consultation should be seen in conjunction with the consultation carried out in 2019 regarding the Future Homes Standard. Our response is here.

The aim of the Future Buildings Standard is to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of new and renovated buildings. It applies to buildings of all types. ‘Non-domestic’ buildings are covered in Section A of the consultation, although it should be noted that this section covers buildings that, although non-domestic, are nevertheless residential, such as care homes and university halls of residence. Section B deals with domestic buildings.

The issue of energy efficiency of homes was addressed in the consultation on the Future Homes Standard. The present consultation addresses concerns that overheating may occur in homes. Overheating is potentially a hazard to residents and could prompt people to install domestic air conditioning or other mechanical means of managing excessively high room temperatures. Accordingly, Section B proposes to create a new requirement aimed at reducing the risk of overheating in homes.

Section B also proposes more stringent requirements for ventilation and energy efficiency when existing homes are renovated or when doors, windows or heating appliances are replaced. The Future Buildings Standard consultation can be found on GOV.UK.