Government publishes results from HPL cladding and fire door tests

23 July 2019

On 18 July the Government announced some results of safety tests on high pressure laminate (HPL) cladding and timber fire doors.

Update on cladding tests

The tests have found that HPL cladding, when paired with non-combustible insulation, passes the relevant safety criteria and does not present a risk to public safety. Details of this are set out in the new advice note 22.  

This is part of the Government's wider investigation into the safety of non-aluminium composite material (ACM) combustible cladding. Testing on other forms of non-ACM combustible cladding is ongoing, and no update has been provided on this. However, the Government has already confirmed that HPL cladding when combined with combustible insulation should be removed. This advice has not changed.

If you have any non-ACM combustible cladding on buildings that has not been declared safe in the new advice note, you should continue to review your buildings and seek professional advice, as set out in advice note 14.

We are pressing for more clarity from the Government on the ongoing testing, including what tests are taking place and the timescales of them.

Updates on fire door safety tests

The Government has also confirmed that, following testing, all timber fire doors meet safety requirements where purchased directly from the manufacturer and produced to specification. Read further details about the testing and results.

There is still a lack of clarity around remediation plans for glass-reinforced composite fire doors. We are continuing to work with the Government on an industry-led plan for remediating these doors, but in the meantime we urge you to seek up-to-date safety certification for composite doors you are purchasing.

Next steps

We would like to thank all of you who have given us feedback over the last few months, which we are using to create our submission to the Government’s Building a Safer Future consultation.

We will be submitting a sector response on 31 July, which we will publish on our website.