Homes England opens up Affordable Homes Programme funding for regeneration projects

29 June 2023

Homes England has confirmed that funding from the Affordable Homes Programme can now be used for regeneration projects. For years the NHF has continued to make the case that grant funding rules must be amended to allow for this and we are pleased that Homes England has listened to our calls.

The announcement means that housing associations will be able to use the funding to replace existing homes.

In response to the announcement, Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the NHF, said: “This announcement is hugely welcome. The National Housing Federation has been making the case for years that grant funding rules must be amended to allow housing associations to replace existing homes, and was a central pillar of the recommendations we made to the government in the Joint NHF and CIH Action Plan in response to the Better Social Housing Review published in May.

“For too long housing associations have simply not had access to the funding needed to replace social homes that are no longer fit for purpose. Our sector is absolutely committed to improving the quality of our homes and this announcement will enable us to work in partnership with the government to do this vital work.

“Ultimately we believe that regeneration, as well as the delivery of much-needed new social housing, should be central to a long-term national plan for housing. We urge all political parties to commit to building far greater numbers of social homes.”