Housing Futures: the 'insight' phase (webinar)

19 February 2020

The key to great innovation is falling in love with the problem (not the solution). That’s what we’ll be doing in the insight phase of Housing Futures.

We want to support hundreds of housing association staff and residents to dig deep into the real human problems we’re looking to solve as a sector. That requires us to get close to these issues, working within our organisations and communities to gain a deeper understanding of the big challenges we’re facing.

This webinar will support you with this work. Led by innovation experts ?WhatIf! and open to all housing associations staff and residents, it will give you a deeper understanding of the role of insight in innovation and will equip you with impactful tools to support you with this work.

Join us

  • Date: Wednesday 1 April 2020
  • Time: 2pm (finishing by 3pm) 
  • Register: This webinar is free to access but registration is required in advance.
  • Recording: This webinar will be recorded and and link sent to everyone who registered. So if you're not able to join us live, register your place and you'll be able to watch the video at your convenience.

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