Government pledge on building safety work

22 April 2020

We have been working with the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on continuing cladding remediation works during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are significant practical obstacles to carrying out this essential work during the crisis, including the fact that residents may, understandably, have concerns about work taking place in their homes at this time.

Despite these challenges, housing associations remain committed to carrying out essential building safety work wherever it is possible and safe to do so, and the NHF is committed to supporting them to do this.

The government has also made clear that the remediation of high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding – as well as maintaining measures to ensure buildings are safe ahead of remediation – can remain a priority during the coronavirus outbreak.

The NHF has therefore joined the Secretary of State, regional mayors and local leaders in pledging to ensure that vital building safety improvements continue during the coronavirus outbreak – where it is safe and possible to do so.

The pledge has been made by the government and the mayors of Greater Manchester, Sheffield City Region, London, Liverpool City Region and the West Midlands, and was initially announced on 16 April. It aims to reassure people living in high-rise buildings with unsafe cladding that work to make their homes safe can continue where possible.

We also recognise that there is a significant role for contractors to play in ensuring that work can continue, and is carried out in accordance with social distancing and health and safety requirements.

  • You can find out more about pledge on MHCLG’s website.
  • For more information on the government’s guidance on remediation work during the coronavirus outbreak, please see our summary.

If you would like to discuss the challenges you’re facing in carrying out remediation work at the moment, please get in touch.

Who to speak to

Victoria Moffett, Head of Building and Fire Safety Programmes