Launching the first Building Better framework

19 May 2021

The first Building Better framework with three manufacturers providing volumetric solutions will be live in July 2021, followed by a second framework with panelised providers launching later this year. 

Building Better is committed to a genuine partnership approach and has used the procurement process to understand how members can work with manufacturers to achieve our collective ambitions, including a reduction in financial risk, creating social value and improving the design, quality and cost of homes over time. 

We have worked hard to create a legal environment that supports true collaboration, and a Framework Alliancing Contract (FAC1) will ensure all parties are signed up to share the risks and rewards.

The combined pipeline will be complemented by Building Better playing an active role on the framework. This means lessons learnt will be shared with all members on the demand side, and manufacturers can be confident in a consistent and stable pipeline. 

Building Better members initially committed to 800 homes, but the pipeline currently stands at 1,700 and members believe the number is closer to 5,000. 

In addition to 13 members and one consortium, Building Better is speaking to a further 27 housing associations and local authorities considering membership.

The agreed design specification includes a fabric first approach, no gas, superior future proof fire safety measures and either an existing solution for operational Net Zero Carbon, or a roadmap to achieving it.  

Members are committed to the highest safety and environmental standards, and we have begun work on a feedback loop which will measure quality, energy performance and customer experience.

Building better

Building Better, supported by the National Housing Federation, is a strategic alliance of housing associations working together to realise the benefits of modern methods of construction.

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Trina Chakravarti, Director of Building Better