New survey from the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH)

09 April 2020

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published new information on their regulatory approach during the coronavirus crisis, including a new survey for registered providers.

The RSH has published information on their plans to issue a short survey to ensure that the RSH has up to date information on the issues that the sector has said are particular operational risks. This covers gas and fire safety checks, care and support staffing levels, emergency repairs, and other health and safety checks.

They have also released further information on their regulatory approach during the coronavirus crisis. This includes:

  • Their decision to postpone the deadline for Financial Viability Assessment submission, and not take any action where accounts are submitted up to 3 months later than is required in statute.
  • Their approach to Value for Money reporting this year.
  • Their plans to continue publishing some regulatory judgements in certain circumstances.

Further information is available on the government’s website.

You can also catch up with our recent webinar with Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of the Regulator of Social Housing, which covers the RSH’s response to the current crisis and the changes they are making to their regulatory approach during these unprecedented times. Find out more.