No one should lose their home because of coronavirus

18 March 2020

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive at the National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations in England - not-for-profit landlords to more than six million people - says:

"No one should be evicted because of the coronavirus. We are confident that no housing association will do this, and want anyone affected by the outbreak to be reassured they will not be evicted.

"As charitable organisations housing associations recognize that a number of people living in social housing work for low or irregular wages in insecure employment and may be placed in serious difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We urge anyone living in a housing association home who is worried about financial difficulties to get in touch with their housing association. Housing associations offer extensive financial help and support for people, including help claiming benefits. They are putting in extra support measures during this challenging time and will be doing everything they can to support residents.   

"We welcome the steps taken so far by government and its commitment to do whatever it takes to support jobs and incomes. However, we urge that the government goes even further to strengthen the welfare system to ensure that everyone who needs it can quickly get help if their income drops."