Our response to Robert Jenrick's building safety funding announcement

10 February 2021

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations - social landlords to more than 6 million people - says:

"This additional funding and reconfirmation of the government’s commitment to building safety is hugely welcome. This is something we have been calling for along with leaseholder groups, and we are glad to see the government using this opportunity to prioritise buildings most at risk.

"Unfortunately, there are still people in buildings with safety issues who will still face costs. It is good that the government is trying to make these costs manageable for leaseholders, but overall we do not think it is right that leaseholders should pay for any failings of unfit building regulations.

"We are still very concerned about the impact of covering remediation costs on social housing providers and their residents; people who are so far forgotten in this crisis and for whom there is no funding. Not-for-profit social housing providers estimate they will have to spend in excess of £10bn to make all their buildings safe. This money is being diverted away from providing services and maintaining the homes of people in the lowest incomes in this country as well as building new affordable homes for those in need. 

"We are supportive of anything that aims to recover costs from those responsible and will look forward to seeing the detail of a new development levy. It is important that any levy does not simply get passed on, increasing the cost of affordable homes that not-for-profit housing associations purchase from developers, and future homes bought by individuals on a shared ownership basis."