Response to Prime Minister's statement on economic recovery

30 June 2020

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation says:

"The Prime Minister is right to focus on building homes as a way of getting the country back on track. It is vital that the government's £12bn Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) is delivered over five years.

"The government has an opportunity to put social rent homes - homes for people on the lowest incomes - at the heart of social and economic recovery through the Affordable Homes Programme. These homes are needed now more than ever and should make up the lion share of the AHP.

"We are also pleased that there is a plan to look at how public sector land could be used for housebuilding. But plans to relax how old commercial buildings can be used are concerning and could lead to some very poor quality housing.

"Investing in new and existing social homes would quickly boost the economy, create jobs and change the lives of the people who have been most effected by the coronavirus crisis – low paid keyworkers, families in overcrowded and temporary accommodation and people who have been helped off the streets. 

"The pandemic has highlighted the need for secure, high quality, better designed affordable homes and, for many people, support to live in them. We want to work with government to make sure social housing is where it should be – at the heart of plans for economic and social recovery."