Response to the Daily Mail's cladding campaign

04 January 2021

The Daily Mail has launched a campaign to support leaseholders and tenants affected by cladding issues. Please see our response below as we support their campaign.

"The Grenfell Tower tragedy was the greatest loss of life from a fire in Britain since the second world war. More than three years on, people up and down are still living in buildings with unsafe materials. 

"While this crisis must end urgently, it is simply not right that individuals who bought their homes in good faith should have to pay for the crippling costs caused by massive failings in regulation, and then face being trapped in homes they cannot sell. This has inevitable consequences for the housing market, creating a bottleneck of leaseholders unable to move out and buy somewhere else, and people in need of affordable homeownership options unable to get a mortgage on these homes and onto the housing ladder.

"The burden of these costs should also not be placed on the shoulders of the charitable, not for profit housing associations which provide affordable and social homes for those who need it most. The cost of fixing our buildings could exceed £10bn.

"The government must provide enough up-front funding for all buildings that require urgent fire safety work so that buildings can be made safe and to ensure people living in these buildings do not have to foot the bill. It must also lead a national fire safety programme to prioritise works on the most at-risk buildings, and ensure that there are enough experts and resources to complete all safety works. Finally, as a matter of urgency the government must find a viable solution which gives lenders confidence and allows people to sell and re-mortgage their homes."

See more information on building safety on our website.