Social Housing Regulation Bill update

27 October 2022

Earlier this year the Social Housing Regulation Bill was introduced to Parliament. The Bill aims to deliver the proposals set out in the Social Housing White Paper by introducing a number of measures to give tenants greater powers, improve access to swift and fair redress, and enhance the powers of the Regulator of Social Housing.

The Bill seeks to improve the regulation of social housing by bringing forward a stronger and more proactive regulatory regime and putting in place the measures set out in the Social Housing White Paper.

The measures announced under the Bill will for example:

  • Enable the regulator to intervene with landlords who are performing poorly on consumer issues and guarantee timely action where the regulator has concerns about the decency of a home.
  • Enable the regulator to inspect landlords and arrange emergency repairs to ensure tenants are provided with good quality accommodation.
  • Provide tenants with greater transparency about their landlord’s performance by introducing a new set of Tenant Satisfaction Measures
  • Enable tenants to access information related to the management of social housing.
  • Add safety to the regulator’s objectives and require registered providers to appoint a health and safety lead.
  • Require the housing ombudsman and the regulator to cooperate to provide better protection for tenants.

Latest update

The Social Housing Regulation Bill began its passage through Parliament at the House of Lords in June and is due to commence its third reading in the next few weeks. The Bill has received broad support and we expect it to complete its passage through parliament fairly quickly.

Following a debate of the Bill at the report stage on 18 October, the below amendments were agreed by the Lords:

  • A requirement for the government to publish a strategy within which standards for reducing energy demand for social housing properties could be set.
  • Enabling the regulator to set standards for registered providers regarding the competence and conduct of individuals involved in the provision of services in connection with the management of social housing.
  • A requirement for the Regulator to make a plan concerning inspections of registered providers.

As the Bill progress through parliament, we may see further amendments added or changes to those set out above. We have welcomed the aims of the Bill to give tenants greater powers and improve access to swift and fair redress.

We are working closely with the government to ensure that the Bill brings forward a regulatory environment that results in meaningful change for residents and is deliverable by housing associations.

The full implications of the amendments set out above will only be clear when they are consulted on by the Regulator. We will work with members to shape the detail if these amendments are carried forward into the final Act.

We will keep our members updated on opportunities to consult and share views on the measures as the legislation progresses through Parliament.

If you have any questions or would like to share your views on the Bill or any amendments please contact our policy team.

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