Statement on Right to Buy

03 May 2022

Statement from NHF Chief Executive Kate Henderson on Right to Buy:

“In 2015 housing associations agreed to explore how the Right to Buy could be extended to our residents. Our agreement with the government at that time was based on a clear set of principles, our red line being that every single social home sold would be replaced. Recent pilots have demonstrated how difficult this is to achieve, as there is not enough money from sales to build new social homes. 

 "Since this agreement was made the housing crisis has worsened, particularly for low-income families, as Michael Gove highlighted last week. Our recent research shows that there are 4.2m people in need of social housing in England today. Every social home sold will make that waiting list longer. Housing associations are also facing new financial challenges, including the urgent need to make all their buildings safe and decarbonise homes. Our priority is to continue our partnership with government to increase the supply of good quality social housing."