The Regulator of Social Housing sets out steps to reshape consumer regulation

23 January 2023

The Regulator of Social Housing has published its plan for implementing a new approach to consumer regulation and the steps being taken to implement the Social Housing Regulation Bill.

The Bill seeks to improve the regulation of social housing by bringing forward a stronger and more proactive regulatory regime and putting in place the measures set out in the Social Housing White Paper.

The Regulator will begin the process of consulting with landlords, tenants and other stakeholders on the standards that will underpin proactive consumer regulation once the Bill has finished making its passage through Parliament.

The new consumer standards will cover the themes set out in the Social Housing White Paper including safety, quality, neighbourhood, transparency, tenancy and engagement and accountability between landlords and their tenants. 

The Regulator expects to consult with stakeholders by the summer of 2023 but has already started piloting aspects of its new approach to gain insights before fully implementing new consumer regulations. This also includes building its capacity to deliver all elements of the new regime and will work closely with other regulators and bodies including the Housing Ombudsman.

We support the success metrics set out for the new framework helping to ensure it makes a meaningful difference to tenants and can be delivered by social landlords. We are engaging closely with the government and will work with members to shape the new consumer standards once the Bill completes its passage through Parliament.

We will keep our members updated on opportunities to share feedback. If you have any questions, contact our policy team.

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