We need your response to our latest survey on Universal Credit and income collection

07 October 2021

With the end of furlough and the cut to Universal Credit, we are collecting key measures around claimant numbers and income collection, including amount of rent arrears and arrears as a percentage of rent due. We will conduct the same survey again next month to monitor the impact of the latest changes to welfare and economic support.

This survey repeats questions asked throughout the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported in our research ‘Universal Credit in a time of crisis’. This research, published in April, found that Universal Credit claimants were more likely to be in rent arrears and to have higher average arrears than those paying by other means.

We want you to take part in the survey so we can continue to monitor the impact of the ongoing effects of the pandemic on claimant numbers and arrears as furlough ends and Universal Credit amounts fall. If you would like to take part in the survey we are taking responses until Monday, 25 October. Please get in touch with our Senior Researcher, Bekah Ryder, for a unique survey link.