Winter Pressures Funding for rough sleeper accommodation

04 November 2021

The government has announced £10m of funding to be spent on accommodation for rough sleepers over winter.

The announcement includes confirmation of allocations of previous funding for drug and alcohol support. The £10m funding will be available for bidding by selected local authorities with high levels of rough sleeping. We have had confirmation that the government expects the accommodation to be self-contained and wants there to be a connection with move-on options. This could involve housing associations in partnership with local authorities.

We welcome specific money targeted towards accommodation and the focus on the longer-term move on options, albeit for a restricted number of local authorities. We also welcome the recognition in the announcement of support services alongside accommodation. We have recommended that guidance should be published for local authorities on how to use this funding and that the guidance should ask them to focus on longer-term, move-on accommodation.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader