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Author: Campbell Tickell

Number of pages: 144

ISBN: 978 0 86297 595 1

Published year: 2018

Board Appraisal: The importance of honest conversations

11 June 2018

This guide explores why board appraisals are vital in ensuring high quality performance and delivering excellent service.

Board appraisal is critical to good governance and improving outcomes for the board, the organisation, and the sector.

This book covers:

  • why appraisals are necessary and desirable
  • how to plan them
  • how to approach the different elements in the process
  • how to turn dialogue into action and when you might need support.

Each chapter is set out in three parts: the purpose behind the topic in question, the process of each aspect of appraisal, and the practice: excerpts and examples from other organisations that may give you ideas as to how to set about similar challenges. The book also contains a number of sample forms from other organisations

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