Moat discuss their Energiesprong project

Moat manages around 20,000 homes in the South East of England.

In March 2019, Moat launched a five home energy efficiency pilot project with Energiesprong UK and ENGIE. The project in Maldon, Essex was modelled on the Dutch Energiesprong energy efficiency initiative and was driven by Moat’s desire to explore ways to alleviate fuel poverty and effectively reduce household emissions in their housing stock.

The homes in the project were chosen after cross-checking rent arrears with low energy performance. They were all built in 1931, indicating that this is an excellent case of a housing association inventively adapting their older stock to contribute to decarbonisation and net zero targets.

The project entailed ‘whole house’ retrofit, installation of solar panels as well as air source heat pumps and improved ventilation systems. As a result, Moat were able to successfully create five zero carbon homes and cut the energy bills of each household by around 90%. ENGIE, the project’s solution provider will maintain the homes and guarantee their performance for 30 years after completion.

The project was 60% funded by the European Regional Development Fund via Interreg and was 40% match funded.

Disruption was unavoidable for residents so Moat held a consultation at a community centre in Maldon with the solution provider and architect to properly inform residents about the project and to address any concerns.

The project was an overwhelming success and won several industry accolades including an Energy Efficiency Award 2019 and Housing Essex Excellence Award 2019.

Find out more about this project here.

Who to speak to

Kevin Garvey, Head of Member Relations