Communities Together

Celebrating housing associations’ work with residents, partners and communities in the fight against coronavirus

Housing associations are supporting residents and communities around the country to come through the coronavirus outbreak together.

Many housing association staff are key workers at the frontline of the crisis. Support staff are caring for older or vulnerable residents, repairs and maintenance staff continue to carry out essential work in people’s homes, and waking watch staff work through the night to make sure homes are safe and secure.

Finding homes for rough sleepers

Housing associations are partnering with local authorities and other organisations to help to house rough sleepers as part of the sector’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

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Helping with financial worries

Housing associations are responding to the coronavirus outbreak by helping residents with financial concerns, including working with foodbanks and local social enterprises.

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Supporting vulnerable residents

Across the country, housing associations are working hard to ensure that their most vulnerable and isolated residents feel reassured, safe and well looked after during the coronavirus crisis. 

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Working with the NHS


Housing associations are working with the NHS and other health organisations on the frontline of the country's response to the coronavirus crisis.

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