National CEO Network on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

This network is for sector leaders to explore their crucial role in shifting workplace culture to become more inclusive. The meetings are an opportunity to hear from out of sector experts in aspects of the equality and diversity agenda, and to discuss challenges and ideas with sector colleagues. 

Our insight review published in November 2020 showed us that strong leadership is crucial to lasting change, ensuring the whole workplace is taking responsibility for improving equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We know that housing associations are working hard to create change, and that sector leaders value this forum as a space to learn from others and educate themselves on this ever evolving agenda and their important role within it.

This network meets every 10 weeks and all meetings will be held virtually so we can ensure as many of you as possible can attend. At each meeting we will hear from an EDI expert, gaining insights on various aspects of this vast agenda, and provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection.

The meetings are for chief executives only to ensure the discussions are focused on the unique and crucial role of organisational leaders. Other staff members are invited to join our National Network for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Professionals a space for any housing association staff who have some responsibility or interest in the EDI agenda.

If you would like to join this network and attend our next meeting, please get in touch with our Admin team.

Upcoming meetings

24 September 2024

10 December 2024

14 March 2025

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"We’re also calling for the sector to show leadership around ensuring a diverse, inclusive and equal workforce. This must start with open, honest conversations within housing associations about the apparent lack of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout much of our sector. This insight review has shown some of what the sector is doing. There must be more that we can share with each other. Now is not the time for complacency or shying away from the problems in society mirrored by our sector. Now is the time for action."

- National Housing Federation Insight Review

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