Internal and external auditor list

To help housing associations select the right internal and external auditors and ensure that the tender process is heathy and competitive, we've compiled a list of the auditors used in the sector.

Changes in regulation over the last few years, in relation to external audit, have imposed more stringent restrictions on the type and value of non-audit services that auditors of public interest entities (PIEs) can provide to entities they audit.

A growing share of income for firms is arising from non-audit services provided to entities they do not audit. There is some risk that over time this could lead to a gradually less competitive audit market as firms focus their attention on other parts of their business. 

In order to support housing associations to cast as wide a net as possible when going out to tender we've produced a list of all external and internal auditors.

Please note this list is compiled based on input from housing association members – if any information is inaccurate, or there are further firms that could be added, please contact us.

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