Local Government Pension Scheme – what to consider when managing risk

Recent developments in Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) legislation, mean employers may have more options for managing assets and liabilities in their fund, from closure, to future accrual. 

More widely, the financial risks in the LGPS, which are often material for employers, can mainly be managed effectively through collaboration with your fund.

In the lead up to the 31 March 2022 actuarial valuation, housing associations should consider using this opportunity to fully understand the underlying risk profile of your participation and the tools at your disposal for managing this risk at all levels, , from data management and employer categorisation through to use of your covenant and investment strategy.

The time between now and March gives housing associations an opportunity to build knowledge in advance of engaging with your Fund during the valuation period.

Actions for housing associations – engaging with your LGPS Fund

This a great time to start work on this, with four months to go until the next LGPS valuation date on 31 March 2022, effective pensions risk management will allow you to manage your pension risks, alongside your wider organisational objectives (rather than just pensions in isolation).

Housing associations should initially be looking to assess the risks that the LGPS presents and quantify those risks and possible mitigation actions, including the following:

  • Summary of current funding framework, and legislative changes and ongoing requirements.
  • Analysis on your current funding position and cessation position, and how these may interact with the costs and contributions required.
  • Summary of risks involved in defined benefit pensions and in your LGPS Fund in particular, and analysis and identification of key risks for you (and quantifying these risks).
  • Potential actions and mitigations that can be taken on the key risks specific to you.

This can inform your risk committee and help form a strategy in line with business objectives before engagement with your fund.

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