Rough Sleeping Strategy

The Rough Sleeping Strategy was published in August 2018 and outlines how the Government intends to end rough sleeping by 2027.

Backed by £100m of funding, it aims to end rough sleeping through prevention, intervention and recovery.

Our participation on the Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel

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We worked closely with the Government as a member of the Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel, along with our members St Mungo’s, St Basils and Thames Reach, among others.

The panel was supported by five task and finish groups, which focused on:

  • data
  • intervention
  • prevention
  • recovery
  • long-term societal change.

We chaired the recovery task and finish group, which – working with Homeless Link, Crisis, Hightown Housing, Homes for Cathy, Bristol City Council, and the Greater London Authority – developed recommendations on supply, support and access.

Ongoing work to support the Strategy

The Federation intends to hold the Government to account on its commitments to review the Rough Sleeping Strategy and to develop a new strategy on homelessness more widely.

As the strategy says itself, housing associations “have a fundamental part to play in resolving the current crisis, and in delivering the future system of informed and robust prevention”, but to do so we need funding, oversight, and a recognition that to end rough sleeping, the root causes must be tackled too.

Supply and welfare must become integral in the conversation about how we end rough sleeping for good.

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Dylan Hemmings