Get involved

The next 18 months are going to be dynamic and fast-paced so we’ll be providing a range of resources to support you on your innovation journey.

Attend your regional Insight Lab

We are pleased to announce the dates for the Insight Labs which will be taking place in every region from April to June 2020. Find out more below.

What are Insight Labs

The key to great innovation is falling in love with the problem. Once we have identified the regional challenge, our next task is to dig deep and find out as much as we can about the problem and challenge our own perceptions about the problem.

To do this we are running free, one-day Insight Lab workshops, facilitated by Insight Leaders, who have previously undergone Insight Leader training with ?WhatIf! Innovation.

The workshops are open to all housing association staff and residents to attend. Spaces may be limited to two or three per housing association (depending on demand) so you are advised to book early.

Regional Insight Lab dates

There are two Insight Labs per region. Click on the links below to register for your preferred date.

North East
20 April [Register]
14 May [Register]

South West
21 April [Register]
12 May [Register]

West Midlands
22 April [Register]
11 May [Register]

East Midlands
24 April [Register]
22 May [Register]

South East
30 April [Register]
3 June [Register]

1 May [Register]
15 May [Register]

East of England
4 May [Register]
20 May [Register]

Yorkshire & Humber
5 May [Register]
1 June [Register]

North West – Liverpool
6 May [Register]
2 June [Register]

North West – Greater Manchester
7 May [Register]
19 May [Register]