How to sign up

Find out how you can sign up to our shared ownership campaign and help us give it the profile and impact it deserves.

We have high ambitions for this campaign, but we can’t do it alone. Our aim is to raise enough money to fund a three-year campaign strategy and run a national advertising campaign, which we believe will have a significant impact on the profile of shared ownership.

How much does it cost?

Housing associations can sign up by paying an annual contribution to the campaign. We’ve calculated subscription costs based on the amount of shared ownership properties you own. Email us to find out about our pricing model and understand what it means for you.

We appreciate that the cost implication means that you’ll need to discuss this with your colleagues before signing up to join the campaign. We’ve put together a short briefing setting out the business case that we hope enables you to do this. 

Signing up

Our member steering group consists of 11 housing associations that are helping shape this work and have already pledged their support.

There are now over 40 housing associations joined up to the campaign. If you want to join them or you need a little more information before you sign up, contact Ella on the email address at the bottom of this page.

If you’re eager to join the campaign but you need a little more information before you sign up, please email us.

What do campaign supporters get?

All of our supporters have access to the campaign branding assets through our Campaign Hub. These resources can be adapted and used in supporters’ own marketing programmes.

Supporters can advertise their shared ownership properties through our portal partner Property Booking, linked to from our public-facing website, the go-to place for people to find out everything they need to know about the product.

We’ll provide quarterly detailed reporting on the campaign’s performance – local market insight, audience engagement stats with online media and budget deployment across regions and media type.

We’ll also organise annual workshops and regular webinars for supporters so we can review the campaign and hear first-hand from you what’s working and what's not. We’ll share with you our learnings and plans for the campaign.

Is it possible to join the campaign at any point in year one?

Yes, organisations can join at any point. There will be a series of advertising bursts from January 2020 onwards.

Check our FAQs page if you want further information on the campaign.