Housing association involvement

Members of the steering group work for a range of different housing associations, in terms of their size, the type of housing they provide, and their geographical spread. The group meets regularly to provide feedback and direction for the Together with Tenants work. This group now meets alongside our Tenant Advisory Panel, and the two groups work closely together to guide the implementation of the project.

The Member Steering Group:

  • Kevin Rodgers, Chief Executive, Citizen Housing
  • Mark Henderson, Chief Executive, Home Group
  • Martin Collett, Chief Executive, English Rural
  • Carol Matthews, Group Chief Executive, Riverside
  • Cym D’Souza, Chief Executive, Arawak Walton
  • Paul Crawford, Chief Executive, LiveWest
  • Paul Hackett, Chief Executive, Optivo
  • Sinead Butters, Group Chief Executive, Aspire
  • Heather Bowman, Chief Operating Officer, Sovereign
  • Catriona Simons, Guinness
  • Tony Stacey, Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive, Settle
  • Jo Summers, Chief Operating Officer, P3
  • Noel Sharpe, Executive Director of Customer and Place, Bolton at Home
  • John Clark, Chief Executive, Pymouth Community Homes