Briefing on new £266m fund for housing rough sleepers

24 July 2020

The government has announced a new £266m Next Steps Accommodation Programme (NSAP) for rough sleepers. Over the last few months we have seen the biggest response to rough sleeping in recent history, with nearly 15,000 people housed in temporary accommodation during the coronavirus crisis. Housing associations stand ready to help with the next stage of the rehousing effort, and many of our members are already preparing to house people in temporary accommodation.

The deadline to apply for funding is 20 August, for more information on the programme, please visit the government’s website. We will continue to work with the MHCLG Rough Sleeping Team and Homes England to bring our members’ perspectives into the ongoing work around the fund. 

We have put together a briefing to explain the relevant parts for housing associations. Where you will find details of:

  • Short-term accommodation with support.
  • Long-term move on accommodation.
  • Funding for drug and alcohol treatment.
  • Application process.

Who to speak to

Suzannah Young, Policy Leader