#PlanForHousing - upcoming dates for your diary

12 March 2024

Please see below key activities from our general election campaign

This page will bring together all the resources we’re offering you as part of our campaign. We hope these are useful resources that enable you to plan your support for our campaign. 

We created an outline of our key activities to help coordinate the sector. We believe it will encourage us all to come together and engage on the same themes and topics.

We would also very much urge you to join us in amplifying our messages across social media, with your relevant stakeholders and on the corresponding dates. 

There’s more to come and some of these dates will move as we respond to external events. 

Please refer to this page for any update to our key messages and activites.

Key messages 

  1. We’re in a housing emergency but there’s no plan for how to end it.
  2. This crisis is making us ill, driving families into financial hardship, expensive for taxpayers and holding back the economy.  
  3. The next government can fix the housing crisis by 2035 with a long-term plan for housing. This is the sensible and cost-effective thing to do.   

12 March 2024

Campaign Launch

#PlanForHousing launch

England is in a housing emergency and we need a long-term #PlanForHousing to end the housing crisis for good.

In the run up to the general election, to support members and key stakeholders, we have created a digital toolkit.

We hope this toolkit will enable you to amplify our message to the next government. 

Resources for members

Campaign packs for members including policy briefings, campaign messaging, regional data tool and briefings, guidance on working with local candidates.

Campaign boards and badges.

Online launch event for members.

Social media templates, including website badges, social media banners, images and key messages.

10 April 2024

Local, national and regional press story

How long will it take to clear the social housing waiting list in your area?

We have realesed new analysis of the latest affordable housing figures showing it could take years for households, joining the waiting list, to be offered a home.

We hope this resource to enable members to share the state of the housing crisis in their local authority. We hope it enables members to stress the need for a #planforhousing.

Resources for members

Local data and template press release.

Social media templates, images and key messages for members to share, based around media story and coverage.

02 May 2024


Local and mayoral elections

On Thursday 2 May 2024 voters took to the polls for the mayoral and local elections.

The most prominent aspect of these elections was the selection of 10 influential metro mayors across England, including those in Greater London and all of England’s major cities.

In addition to the mayoral elections, voters also elected several thousand local councillors, 37 police and crime commissioners, and the 25 members of the London Assembly.

Resources for members

Resource include a regional data-tool, published on 12 March and key messages for the north, detailing policy asks ahead of the general and local elections.

6 May 2024

Local, national and regional press story

Open letter to the next prime minister

We have written an open letter to the next Prime Minister on the urgent need for a long-term plan for housing. This was published as an exclusive in The Mirror.

30 representatives, including teachers, children’s charities, anti-poverty organisations and the social housing sector joined our call as signatories. We are delighted that Sir Michael Eavis the chief executives of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Shelter, the Association of School and College Leaders and the National Association of Head Teachers have also signed.

Resources for members

Resources avaible for this piece include social media templates, images and key messages for members to share, based around media story and coverage. 

01 - 05 July 2024


Rural housing week

Rural Housing Week is an annual campaign that highlights the many social and economic benefits of affordable housing to rural communities.

Research shows that the next government could deliver a £51.2bn net profit by building 90,000 affordable homes. Rural Housing Week 2024 will highlight the role of housing providers in rural areas in this, and raise awareness of the many social and economic benefits that a proper rural housing strategy would bring.

Resources and actions for

Social media templates, images and key messages
for members to share, based around  coverage.

30 August 2024

Awareness day

Starts at Home Day 

On this day each year, we celebrate the brilliant work supported housing providers do to support people who need some help to live fulfilled lives.

Resources and actions for members

Social media templates, images and key messages
for members to share, based around the day.

09 - 10 September 2024


NHF and CIH’s Housing Community Summit 

Step into the future of housing at the Housing Community Summit – a groundbreaking collaboration between the National Housing Federation (NHF) and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

The Housing Community Summit is not just a conference. It is a forum for debating and actively shaping the future of social housing.

We’ll bring together thousands of housing professionals, stakeholders, politicians, and residents under one roof at this community-driven event, by the sector, for the sector.

Resources and actions for

More detail to come but resources will include social media assets and key messages based around a national media story.  

Who to speak to

Sarah Finnegan, Head of Policy